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At ‘Creative Retreat’ workshops, our aim is to teach to stretch fully and free your mind and body of expectation. You will better understand your innate possibilities and the world around you. It is done trough creative and physical activity and by sharing experiences.

You have opportunity to benefit from a professional, safe, supporting, inspiring and welcoming environment.
There will be no expectations, judgment or questions.
Personal attention is ensured throughout as there will only be five people in any workshop.

You are invited to discover and unleash your hidden potentials and perhaps confront and overcome the challenges of any fears or personal obstacles which you may be faced with. It could be challenging.

The daily schedule is geared towards mealtime, where a specially designed menu of delicious homemade food is offered and where will be an opportunity to socialize.

The first workshop takes place in a beautiful space, secluded in nature, but with easy access to civilization.

Upon arrival, you will be asked to find an outdoor location where you will start your journey the following day. Although everyone will work independently, all relate to each other.

Cumbria UK 2012

You construct by any means available, a three dimensional form representing a previously given theme.

It is important to realise this is a process of creative freedom where you are not expected to make object that has artistic merit or possesses even any aspects of aesthetic beauty. Instead you are encouraged to freely enjoy the physical activity, the creating process in itself, without putting emphases on the final product.

Transylvania 2011

I wish you to engage openly with the surrounding nature, focusing on your feelings rather than using your intellectual prowess.
In this first stage, five day workshop there is plenty of space for exploration inside and outside.

Whether you go along with, or rebel against, the set program you will leave with a new experience and have the opportunity, if you wish, to pursue your journey further in the follow up workshops of which the second stage is a day’s adventure, set in an urban environment.


Searle K.

'Just a few considered words about my time on the Workshop... 

 organised  things brilliantly from the off,  and the logic of the days' activities came together so well for me. I didn't know what expectations I had before arriving at the stunning location in the Cumbrian lakesbut once there the process of creative physical construction driven by feelings - not intellect - was a revelation. What emerged over the days was a new understanding of the "default positions" I put in place that need shifting. 

Probably the memory that will linger most about the week was the interaction, the sharing, with others - building feelings together. The process was very memorable and STAYS with you.

Dave J.

'The CR Workshop was incredibly interesting and informative. I was surprised how the forces of nature conspired to help the creative process and reveal inner secrets about my true self. Making the physical foreground in the work provided a gateway to the spontaneous creative urges often inhibited by ones intellect. I hope to use the methods to continuously enrich my every day experience.'

Julija G.

'I felt restricted, and all I could think of  (although in a form of  very funny thoughts) was how do I escape this prison.   I have to say though that the saving grace was brilliant company, amazing food and a stunning location, which kept me at bay. In those few days I shared more intimate details about my life with the group than I ever did before.My resistance towards the structure and the strict regime persisted, which I analyzed and it helped me to understand this side of my personality. What shall I say: If my mother ever wanted to send me on a holiday, this would have been the one! '

Zsolt H.

'An exceptionally fantastic place to be with our souls stripped down to the bone. I can not imagine anybody else but Gabriella -as our "shepherd"- to help us reach a state that probably was unknown for some of us. Maybe I am alone with this as I was the youngest participant. The small generational (and cultural) difference was no problem. . I feel really lucky that I met that company. Amazing people with an influence they probably never thought they gonna have.

The amazing food just made the whole memory seem further from reality. It was really nice to forget the word "needs" for a week, to forget about our pixilated life. Still, it was hard getting rid of every tiny bit of blockage that would not have let fully turn off the mind. It was almost as hard as letting senses to produce the purest, finest feelings possible. Possibly the most important abilities a person/an artist can have. It may be the peace that helps us get out from the deep forest of thoughts, it may be the anger, it may be something else. Being in that state just makes everything worth it. '


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